We Melt Chocolate


With a blend of shoegaze full vibrations and intense sonic soundscapes We Melt Chocolate deliver a stunning debut album from Florence, Italy via Annibale Records . Formed in 2014 from a group of friends active within the local music scene We Melt Chocolate deliver lilting, cinematic shoegaze music.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of My Bloody Valentine and The Sugarcubes this self titled debut creates an intense listen. Preceded by the singles 12 hours and Everjoy both set the way for an unrelenting fervent album. With the majority of tracks coming in at over 5 minutes WMC build tracks with suspense none so more than opening track Let Go vocals that bring shades of The Sugarcubes backed by music firmly within the shoegaze element, before 2nd track 12 hours opening with a thunderous post-punk base line.

WMC have created an album full of intensity which pulls you with a captivating beauty with each track.

Released on 28th June pre order from here.

Lynsey Gillies