Starting Postcards From The Underground in the spring of 2018 after replying to a Facebook ad looking for presenters on Cumbernauld FM, Mark Found an outlet and growing audience for his passion in various genres of music.

Spending his formative years in the mid 90’s listening to The Evening Session And John Peel On Radio 1 , an eclectic taste was formed being fed by releases from Chemikal Underground, Warp, Domino Records etc, which did not diminish. His music collection is built around indie, alternative, electronica, post punk, and later exploring folk and jazz avenues.

Marks premise for Postcards is to share the music he is passionate about and offer an outlet for bands and labels to share content and most importantly be heard. Hopefully encouraging others to buy some records along the way.



After an out the blue call from Mark, Gary found out much to his surprise that he would be co hosting a radio show.

Having known Mark for a good number of years spending most of their time going to gigs and talking about music, the idea to try something like a radio show certainly had an appeal.

From that first show late on a Wednesday night in April 2018 they have both grown an idea of what they want to do. 

Gary’s best experience of all has been the genuine help and encouragement from a wide range of people.

”Personally I never started out with any aims, but now I always say if someone listens to the show and goes out and buys something off the back of hearing it on our show then that’s the best thing about doing the show”.