Treeboy & Arc

Leeds based 5-pieceTreeboy & Arc comprised of: Ben Morgan (guitars/vox), James Kay (bass), George Townend (guitar), Isaac Turner (drums) & Sammy Robinson (synths). Release new single Concept via Speedy Wunderground on 7th June which will be 29th in the labels single series with previous releases from Alex Kapranos, Kate Tempest, Teleman and FEWS

‘Concept’ is a taut, menacing slice of post-punk. Ben (Morgan) says ‘’the song is about being the only person alive and the entire world around me being a figment of my imagination. But then ultimately coming to the realisation that that’s not the case, as if I’d created everything around me I’d have given myself a lot more beneficial features. It’s kind of an existential stream of consciousness.”

With shades of The Fall and Gang Of Four, Treeboy & Arc sit comfortably amongst the likes of Idles and Life. Like previous singes White or Plastic Front Treeboy & Arc have created a track which oozes frenetic energy with searing lyrical content delivered in trenchant style. This is firmly rooted in post-punk and rarely does it get much better.

7’ single is limited at 250 copies with pre orders available here:


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Lynsey Gillies