Golden Fable

golden fable.png

On 4th album Alchemy trio Golden Fable enlist the help of members from North Wales orchestra Sinfonia. The result creates a haunting backdrop for singer Rebecca Joy to float across with often hypnotic melodies delivered with an emotive sense of the welsh countryside capturing the beauty and ruggedness throughout.
Opening track Tripwires perfectly signals the tone for the album with the ensemble offering a folk element that gradually builds with percussion offering a sense of drama. With recent singles Hold True and Finery delivering on this remit also Alchemy quickly brings you in to its charm.

With this release Golden Fable have perfected a sound often hinted at before in previous releases but with Sinfonia on board they have found a way to capture this to greater effect.

Released via the bands own label Full Of Joy Records on the 14th June pre order Here.


Lynsey Gillies