Ports of Essen

Ports of Essen      After Party

Ports of Essen

After Party

Off the back of hosting South By SouthSide, a wonderful one day event at Glasgow’s Queen’s Park at which they showcased some fantastic new material, Ports Of Essen release their new single After Party. The first since 2017’s Circles EP and following the same mantra of bright breezy pop.

The opening riff of After Party harks back to 60’s surf rock of The McCoys, leading to sharp guitars backed by a base line which helps drive to a punchy affair tracking close to jangly guitar pop.

The charm here is Ports of Essen’s apparent ease for storytelling. Taking the listener along with the song, building on imagery that is relatable.

With time spent recently in Chem19 studios, we are hopeful that more tracks will be coming from Ports Of Essen in the near future.

You can hear the track on spotify here.