Lydia Ainsworth

Lydia Ainsworth      Phantom Forest

Lydia Ainsworth

Phantom Forest

Lydia Ainsworth returns with her third album Phantom Forest, released Via Zombie Cat Records. This is a self produced follow-up to 2017’s Darling of the Afterglow. Written predominately by herself this is a lush, synth driven, sweeping orchestral project which looks to the future, leaving a sense of hope that all is not lost.

Throughout Phantom Forest, vocals hover between Kate Bush and Beth Gibbons backed by production to compliment. Opening track Diamonds Cutting Diamonds sets off by sending us on a journey with Ainsworth compelling us to “fly away”. Standout track The Time see’s a stark message of “time may lead us to our next oblivion” before being encouraged “it’s now or never”. Green Is The Colour see’s an almost hymnal take on a Pink Floyd classic, closing the album in a beautiful trance. This is a gripping album which reveals more layers after every listen.

Lets dance forever…