Domiciles debut album ‘This Is Not A Zen Garden’ via Last Night From Glasgow on 16th August.

Opening track Six Degrees Of Separation serves as a call to arms with the chiming of bells before synths, drums and guitars build to create an expanse of sound which envelope the listener. Previous singles ‘For A Reason’ and ‘Sinking Sun’ with running times of 5:12 & 6:57 respectively showcase a band who cannot and should not be condensed into radio edits with brooding intro’s that expertly weave layers upon layers from a band honing their craft since 2015. Principle songwriters Nick Young and Rory Cowieson have created an album of vast influences touching on Shoegaze, Indie, Psychadelia and occasional forays into almost experimental cinematic soundscapes. With vocals hanging hauntingly over the tracks further creating an atmosphere of intrigue which is the master stroke for Domiciles as it pulls you further into the album with each listen.

This Is Not A Zen Garden is an album of startling maturity and boldness wonderfully executed for 46 minutes with innovative songwriting which occasionally unnerves but always enthrals with its depth and beauty.

Catch Domiciles at The Old Hairdressers in Glasgow for album launch on 16th Auguast with support from label mates Loudmammoth.

Preorder the album from Last Night From Gklasgow here.