Ardentjohn release new album Malin Head via Adulation on 12th July, recorded at the Slate Room Studio in Pencaitland mixed and mastered by Garry Boyle.

Originally formed in Edinburgh but since moving to differing area’s Ardentjohn stay connected through their love of making music “A couple of summers ago we decided to get together and spent 3 days at the studio. The outcome forms the majority of the album. The more piano led tracks were recorded either side of these recordings.” With distance making getting together at the same time an issue the band feel this “probably made the whole recording process much simpler because we didn’t have time to over-rehearse or over-think the process.”

The result is over the course of eleven tracks Ardentjohn guide us through the delicacies of life and changes. Lead single Malin Head also released on 12th July is a poignant goodbye about chasing dreams with Malin Head point in Donegal the scene for many a goodbye as loved one’s set sail for a new life in the new world handled with a folk/americana charm that casts an upbeat melody over the track which carries over into I Wasn’t There giving glimpses of REM covering George Harrison.

Sometimes touching on shades of Spiritualized or The Tindersticks on tracks such as Longing To Fly, When You Go or the hymnal Come Alive again Ardentjohn expose a very intimate side to songwriting with an emotional nature to the songs and tender arrangements that maneuvre their way into consciousness.

Often uplifting and contemplative this is a multifaceted album the reveals layers with each listen. Malin Head serves as a reminder that sometimes we make choices in life which take courage and sacrifice but the regret of not doing these can weigh heavier. 

Ardentjohn have released a video for their track Daydreaming, raising awareness of the Bliss Charity ( for babies born premature or sick.

Preorder the album here.