Sacred Paws


Sacred Paws duo Rachel Aggs on guitar and Eilidh Rodgers on drums return with their second album Run Around The Sun released via Rock Action.

Having won the Scottish Album of the Year Awards in 2017 with their debut album Strike A Match, they might have found the weight of expectation a bit much to bear. If they did it certainly doesn’t show.

Right from the opening squeal of feedback on The Conversation to the last track Other Side, it’s a summary journey of 10 beautiful crafted 3 minute (2 of which creep into the 4th minute) guitar riff laden tracks. The lyrics are more meaningful and heartfelt than you might think however they really sink in on the second and third listen. Take track What’s So Wrong, the desire to be left alone and not conform to the clothes we wear “I don’t see what’s so bad ‘bout staying here by myself”.

This is an album you’ll want to listen over and over.

An album of tracks to dance to and enjoy.

Released via Rock Action, available to order here.

Lynsey Gillies