Pip Blom

With a string of singles since 2016 and last years 4 track Ep Paycheck Dutch quartet Pip Blom release debut album Boat via Heavenly Records. Formed by namesake Pip Blom who recruited brother Tender Blom on guitar and backing vocals, Darek Mercks on bass and Gini Cameron on drums and with Pip fronting on guitar and vocals.

Boat at it’s core is an exploration into lo-fi pop delivered with an exuberance that recent singles Daddy Issue’s and Ruby hinted at before the release of the album. Building upon this new tracks such as Don’t Make It Difficult, Tired & Set Of Stairs follow the same mantra of opening quickly touching on post-punk influences.

Filled with bright breezy guitar hooks and triumphant choruses yet curiously complex which is testament to the song writing all of which make for a great album.

Order direct from Heavenly here.

Lynsey Gillies