After Daylight

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After Daylight release new album ‘The Silent Light’ on 25th October via Tower Of Noise Records coming in quick succession of previous album ‘The New Dawn’. Much like The New Dawn, ‘The Silent Light’ contains a varied range of musical ideas and emotions, with lots of multi-layered bass and guitars . The theme of the album is the emotional impact of change, in its many forms, in our lives and how this can be both a devastating and a joyful experience.

Lead single ‘The End Of The Beginning’ showcases the depth and intensity that After Daylight offer up in each of the tracks from the current offering. Second single ‘The Futurist’ is a hypnotic psych rock groove dropping on the 11th October.

Written, recorded, mixed and produced by Martin Bradley and with this approach Bradley has succeeded in a creating a cohesive album full of well executed idea’s that create an intoxicating listen.


  1. The Departure

  2. The Journey

  3. The Discovery

  4. The Growing Madness

  5. The End Of The Beginning

  6. The Metamophosis

  7. The Futurist

  8. The Road To Hell

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