Sunday 18th August 2019

On the show this week are joined by George Murray and Jonny Watt from Outwith Festival playing tracks from some of the acts playing on the 7th September across seven venues within Dunfermline. Jonnie also plays two acoustic Foreignfox tracks live in the studio.

Running from 3rd-8th September with a mixture of events covering Literature, Cinema, Art, Theartre, Comedy and Music. The Outwith Festival aims to promote and nurture this rich and diverse home-grown talent as well as names from further afield. Full event listings can be found here.

On the show we feature several of the bands which have been supported by Outwith since it began 3 years ago with full playlist detailed below.

Tickets for the event can be purchased here.


  1. Augustine’s - This Is Your Life

  2. Domiciles - For A Reason

  3. L-Space - A Brief Moment Of Triumph An extended Period Of Alienation

  4. Beerjacket - Antlers

  5. Meursault - Beaten

  6. Foreignfox - Birthday Party (Session)

  7. Idlewild - In Remote Part/Scottish Fiction

  8. Honeyblood - Bud

  9. Paris Street Rebels - Nightcrawlers

  10. The Charlatans - North Country Boy

  11. Theo Mizu - Yallah!

  12. Foreignfox - TBC (Session)

  13. Mt. Doubt - Soft Wrists

  14. Oskar Braves - Dance On The Fire

  15. The Van’ts - Blood Orange

  16. Siobhan Wilson - Dear God

  17. Man Of Moon - Skin

  18. Goodnight Louisa - Hollow God

  19. Jonnie Common - Binary 101

Lynsey Gillies