Sunday 22nd September 2019

On the show this week Mark & Gary are back in the new studio playing some great new tracks, with Mark feeling a bit delicate after celebrating the wedding of Mr & Mrs Blair. The team at PFTU wish them a huge congratulations and wish them health and happiness.

This week was the end of our alphabet collection with the letter Z. Gary picked Go Slow by The Zephyrs, despite Lynsey constantly gunning for ZZ Top no matter the letter.

Full Playlist detailed below.

  1. Temples - Hot Motion

  2. Diiv - Blankenship

  3. Basement Revolver - Wax And Digital

  4. Wasuremono - A Lesson To Learn

  5. Amyl And The Sniffers - Got You

  6. Curdle - Dave Gahan Is Such A Love Butt

  7. The Map Dept - Stop The Clocks

  8. Right Hand Left Hand - Chacabuco

  9. Anna Meredith - Inhale Exhale

  10. French 79 - Hometown

  11. Ren Harvieu - Teenage Mascara

  12. Something Leather Lullaby

  13. The Zephyrs - Go Slow

  14. She Drew The Gun - Trouble Every Day

  15. Fat White Family - I Believe In Something Better

  16. Life - Bum Hour

  17. Jack Medley’s Secure Men - Lose It

  18. Pet Crow - What We Doin

  19. Wozniak - Twin Sirens

  20. HVOB - Bloom (Fink Remix)

  21. After Daylight - The End Of The Beginning

  22. Bonnie Prince Billy - At The Back Of The Pit

  23. Golden Fable - Hold True

  24. Alice Bowman - Wish We Had More Time

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Lynsey Gillies